♥ ♥ Valentines Day ♥ ♥

I know some people hate it….and some people love it. Me and my husband usually celebrate Valentines day by doing something nice (usually involving food and alcohol) and getting each other a nice card. We aren’t into it in a major way and a really nice dinner or selection of our favourite deli food and a bottle of wine is what normally occurs. It is nice to turn the TV and iPad off, dig out some of our old music and have some time together.

Here are a few of my favourite valentines themed ideas….

Love this card from Liverpudlian Illustrator Becka Griffin for £3.25 from NOTHS original_cheesy-valentine-s-card

Also from NOTHS…how cute are these?! The Perfect Match……


Ruby wren also have a nice design idea for your card…

How gorgeous do these look from Betty’s tea rooms? I wouldnt mind receiving these in the post! (that isnt a hint husband – Remember Slimming world!!)Available to order online….

If you want your manicure to scream love!!! Make sure you are polished with my favourite reds….
Nails Inc St james is a lovely Bright red and is available in a 4ml mini for £5 too! NAILSINC

Or if you are on a budget Rimmel’s Double Decker Red is a winner at £1.99 REDVARNISH

It would be morally wrong for chocolate not to be involved in such an event…here are my favourite for gifts….
Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Chocolate puddles….No more explanation needed. Yum.

If you are all about the sugary sweet then this £4 box of lovelyness should be yours from charbonnel et walker CHOCS2

If you are after a personalised gift for your significant other how about this idea from Hannah Lloyd from NOTHS… original_personalised-our-story-library-card-print

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