Ladies Day at Aintree

Racegoers%20on%20Ladies%20Day%20during%20day%20two%20of%20the%202012%20John%20Smith's%20Grand%20National%20meeting%20at%20Aintree%20Racecourse-794042With the grand national meeting fast approaching, you can feel Liverpool hyping up already! Well to be honest it has been for months! The national is one of the biggest things on the social calander here and every year thousands of perfectly preened ladies and gents pile into Aintree over three days for a fantastic day out. Ladies day is reknowned for being splashed all over the tabloids with, in their opinion who is dressed the worst, and who they can catch toppling over in their 6 inch heels to plaster everywhere.
People from around the world then find it upon them selves to comment on such pictures and i cant help but feel sorry for the ladies in question, not like they care, they are the ones that have worked all the hours to get a perfect dress made, sought out the perfect matching handbag, shoes and fascinator, they made their salon appointment months ago, the nails are polished, the hair wont move an inch and the fake lashes and tan are dried and ready!! 9 hours later they will have swopped their louboutins for a pair of flip flops for the taxi journey into town only to be swiftly swapped again when they arrive at their champagne filled after party destination! (In the name of looking good, pain doesnt matter to scouse girls)
The aim of the game is to feel fantastic in your new outfit, have a laugh and hopefully win a bit of cash to have some fun with! They have a best dressed competition every year and the winner usually gets a fantastic prize as well as being the envy of all the other ladies and gents.
Call it what you will, judge if you like, but I’m telling you now the experience of Aintree is fantastic, I live 5 minutes away and you can literally feel the buzz of it on race day. If you havn’t walked a mile along walton vale in your 6 inchers you cant judge!
I say good on the girls and lads for getting dressed up to the nines, enjoy it, people that dont understand dont matter!
So , even though it wont stop the comments from happening i hope those reading this wont join in with the ridicule.