Fat Free Ice Cream!!

If you were expecting a scientific study that claims a huge mr whippy with a flake in is now fat-free, then sorry i have led you here under false pretense.
I was on pinterest the other day and came across a pin for fat-free banana soft whip ice cream! It looked gorgeous so i gave it a go! For some reason i had loads of bananas left in the fruit bowl so they came in handy here (i used to make banana cake with them! oops!) So if you are eating healthy, doing a clean eating diet, vegan or just fancy a healthy sweet dessert then give it a try!
For this recipe you will need…. as many bananas as you like, a freezer, and a blender. Thats it.
Chop all your bananas into chunks, put into a Tupperware tub or ziplock bag and stick them in the freezer. Overnight is probably best. frozen banana
One frozen, take out however much you want to use, i did about 1 1/2 bananas and blend for about 45 – 60 seconds. Dont over blend it but make sure it is at soft serve ice cream consistency.
blend This is about right.
So, i kept mine plain and me and my little boy shared it but i have seen other people add cocoa, peanut butter and other mix in’s after the blending stage but i wanted to keep mine fat-free!
You can also refreeze this to scoop out later but we liked it just as it was!
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Lace, Lace, Lace!

I am loving the lace trend at the moment and by the looks of online shops, so is everyone else! I thought i would share some of my favourite jackets that i have found.
Starting with this pretty jacket from Next for £36. This is really feminine and pretty and perfect for summer

I love the fringing on this kimono from George @ Asda, A bargain for £14 and definitely festival worthy!

I spied this net crochet style bolero on pinterest and i love it, it only comes in one size and takes 2-3 weeks to ship but it really is a great buy for the price of £13 plus £4 delivery from sheinside on amazon.

This plus size lace blazer from inspire at New Look is a chic addition to a summer wardrobe for £30

NOTW – Nails of the week!

On a Sunday, i like to get my nails and toes ready for the week ahead if i have time! Sometimes it just a pale colour or sometimes just buffed but more than often its a bright glossy for summer and a moody shiny red in winter. This is my pick of the week… Avon’s Gel Finish in Shade – Fabulous (P809)
This bold orangey red polish has a build in base and top coat so you get fantastic shine and protection but without a UV lamp or the price tag! These are half price at £3.50 at the moment! So grab a bargain while you can! xx

My Little Bargains of the week

I was lucky enough to venture into Liverpool on my own this week. Yes, toddler free shopping!!! I know it sounds mean and i love my little boy but he is a wanderer, a runner, he will find the tiniest corner of a shop and hide there until I, flustered and slightly panicked, find him giggling and wrestle him out. So….the propect of going alone is always appealing!
After getting some new shoes and a couple of essentials i wandered into primark (i always try and go as early as possible, as people get a bit loopy after 10am) I found this lovely jam jar glass for £1.50 (wish i had bought 4 now!)
Glass Its cute and everywhere seems to be serving cocktails in these recently as a bit of a modern spit and sawdust twist on a cosmopolitan. I am not sure what im using it for yet, maybe fresh flowers, maybe cutlery at a BBQ, maybe i will just have a big ole cocktail to myself!! (Sounds the more likely option!)
I also bought a couple of lightshades, The pure white paper dome ones with broderie anglaise style holes in. They are so pretty. I am also not sure where or when i will use them but there were too lovely to leave for £2 each! The trouble is, i shop for the house im going to have, not my current one, which means when my future house arrives, all my beautiful wares and purchases will come out of the cupboard and be on show! Does anyone else do this or is it just me?!

I also wandered into Cath Kidston for a peek, I like the style of lots of things in the shop but i like to find my own little treasures and bits from different places. The shop is lovely, really well laid out and you will always find something for someone in there! This trip, i found these for Finn….
Finn is train mad at the moment, he LOVES them. So i got him these as i loved the retro feel and they are lightweight and easy for a picnic. £3 each! He loves them! They are available from the website