Dr Bronner’s – Smell like a Bakewell Budget Beauty Buy!

SOAP It has been descibed as the best soap on earth, and celebrities are obsessed with it so when I read a while back that Drew Barrymore (girl crush), Sandra bullock and Lady Gaga swear by using Dr Bronners in their beauty routine, I thought I would give it a try! This soap claims to have 18 different uses ranging from toothpaste to household cleaner, so i bought some from Jarrolds in Norwich for a tiny £2.50 but many places stock this and there is a good range on eBay.
I chose the almond variety in a vain attempt to smell like a Bakewell tart without eating one. This soap comes in 9 different scents and contains no detergents whatsoever.
At first i was a little curious of what to use it for as I wondered how can a soap be good for a hot cloth facial but also great for washing your clothes or cleaning your windows but it has been hugely popular around the world since its first production in 1948 so i shifted my doubts aside.
What i found quickly is that you literally need a few drops if that for most of its uses. It needs diluting even just in your hand. I have 2 thirds of a small bottle left and i have had it a year. see, budget beauty! I like to use mine as a face wash, i find it cleanses my skin properly without making it dry. I just put a few drops on my wet hand in the shower and use as normal.
What attracted me even more to this product is that it’s completely organic, fair trade and rigidly against animal testing which for beauty products these days, is extremely rare but every little helps, right?!
I have read a few forums on this soap and how best to use it and I have yet to try it for hair washing but i have heard it great but you need a ton of conditioner afterwards.
I would be interested to know if anyone else uses this product and has any tips or hints.
I have found a great dilation chart here