Could you be…the most beautiful curl in the world? My 6p hair trial.

photo 1

I am not one of those people that wakes up with amazing volumous hair and a fresh natural face! I usually resemble an 80’s soft rock singer when it comes to my locks! Inspired by some posts on Pinterest, i am now on a mission to find a way to wake up with nice hair. Mission accepted, i tried some bendy rollers i found lurking in my drawer, that hadnt seen daylight since the 90’s. I had freshly washed and blow dried hair, i followed the tutorial with my bendy rollers and had a sound nights sleep. I awoke to find two had fallen out of my hair but the remaining ones had created an ok curl.
Inspired by my semi triumph i decided to have a look for some new sleep in curlers. As usual ebay satified my curiousity and i found these…. Curlers

I purchased a pack for 6p with free postage and packing. I was a little wary whether for the price i paid if they would be any good or even turn up at all! But for 6p, it was worth a shot.

The instructions are really simple on the packaging so after freshly washing and drying my hair i rolled it up….. photo 3

I woke up from a good nights sleep and after my compulsory coffee unwound my curlers…..
photo 5

They had certainly done their job! I separated some curls with my fingers and ran my fingers through to soften the curls and make it drop a little. At first i looked like i belonged in the W.I circa 1940 but decided to wait a while before panicking and re washing my hair.

photo 6

As you can see they did drop out a little but the curl remained quite tight, call me picky, but I was dreaming more of a tousled large wave but given the length of my hair and the width of the curlers i think they did a good job! The curl was very southern belle and bouncy!

photo 7

I am going to keep these curlers as they did create a good curl it just wasn’t the right one for me!

Hollie x

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