Ella Eyre

ELLA She is the ‘one to watch’ the ‘critics choice’ of 2014 and If you havn’t already heard of this very talented singer and songwriter, i suggest you have a little look. She may seem small in stature but boy does this girls voice pack a punch. When Rudimental realeased ‘Waiting all night’ featuring Ella last year, i loved her voice instantly.
Now i am not professing to be an expert but i think she is going to be big. In my house anyway!! I bought tickets a few weeks ago to see her in Manchester in March this year and i just got an e.mail saying that the venue is changing, presumably to a much larger one after greater demand. Ella appeared of Jools Hollands pre recorded new years eve hootenany and the day after tickets were sold out!
Her voice reminds me of some other singers but her soulful tones are all her own. And…she 19!!!

Deeper – Ella Eyre

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