Here comes the Sun……

Last Spring, me and my husband were thrilled to be asked to become godparents to our little niece. Me being of creative sort, i wanted to make her something lovely. She had already fell victim to wearing one of auntie Hollies sewing machine creations and i had already made her bunting for her bedroom.
I racked my brains for a few days, did some digging on NOTHS and Etsy to try and find something unique for her. I stumbled upon some ‘papercuts’ that were hand or lasercut designs in anything you wanted really… song lyrics, birth annoucements. I though back to before she was born and remembered that her mum and dad used to sing the Beatles song…here comes the sun…to her while all snug in her belly while they eagerly awaited her arrival!
I contacted a few designers and professional papercutters before deciding that a small pony maybe cheaper for her. Not one to be put off i dragged my husband straight to a craft shop to buy some supplies. A cutting mat, a craft knife and a LOT of different shades of paper.

I had a little practise with a few simple designs and then braved the real thing, i was so nervous i dont think i took a breath inbetween cutting bits of tiny thin paper, just in case i tore it.

I also bought her a little music box that played the same tune. Every time i played it before the christening i would just well up as she was so longed for and well….its just her song. When we gave our gifts to her mum and dad i think it had the same effect. I think the song is special to all three of them as they all are to us.

Here comes the Sun – The Beatles

So…here it is, all framed…Jackies Papercut (Auntie Hollies First) xxxx


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