Mister Rob Ryan

I first discovered Rob Ryan last year when i was searching for a papercut for a present. For those of you who dont already know, Mr Ryan is an artist, designer and papercutter extraordinare! His work is beautiful, full of lovely words and is refreshingly unique! You can check out his facebook page…here
I have been inspired a lot by looking at his work wondering how they manage to cut out all those minute details involved in his papercuts. You can buy an actual papercut, a lasercut deisgn or an art print all depending on your budget and preference. I like this one….Can we, Shall We?
My budget is too tight at present to own a rob ryan but i did get this lovely mug for christmas thanks to my sister in law. Its perfect for a bucket of coffee (usually lukewarm with a 3 year old) in the mornings!
2014-01-08 14.07.45
You can discover all of his work and range of art and products right here

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